Lou Vs. Rick

septiembre 4, 2012

LouisTheCat: its not your fault rick
LouisTheCat: this is what the world is like now
LouisTheCat: ive seen it
LouisTheCat: people are lonely
LouisTheCat: theyre scared
LouisTheCat: they feel like theyre supposed to connect with others this way now
LouisTheCat: through screens and keyboards
LouisTheCat: so they put more and more of their lives out there
LouisTheCat: the toots
LouisTheCat: the rants
LouisTheCat: the sandwiches
LouisTheCat: rick they all want the same thing
LouisTheCat: to feel like theyre not alone
LouisTheCat: they take all of the likes and the hearts and the stars and they count them like they mean something
LouisTheCat: and the more they get
LouisTheCat: and the further they go down that road of mistaking them for companionship
LouisTheCat: for understanding
LouisTheCat: the more they trust strangers and pixelated representations of their loved ones with their self worth
LouisTheCat: the closer they come to really understanding that those things dont validate their lives
LouisTheCat: and they never did
LouisTheCat: not compared to a hug
LouisTheCat: not compared to really watching the look on a friends face when you share something you created
LouisTheCat: not compared to even a simple hello on the street
LouisTheCat: theyre all getting lonelier rick
LouisTheCat: lonelier by the day
LouisTheCat: and they dont know how to turn it around
LouisTheCat: and theyre scared that its already too late
LouisTheCat: and theyre not sure if anyone even wants to know anything real about them
LouisTheCat: they worry that nobody remembers how to react to real life with more than a mouse click
LouisTheCat: they feel like strangers everywhere they go
LouisTheCat: aliens in their own homes
LouisTheCat: and the idea of true and actual silence
LouisTheCat: that idea terrifies them rick
LouisTheCat: anyway thats why i havent been covering up my poops lately



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